Crunchy Product Review

I am a Crystal convert. No, not crystal meth – but Crystal brand deodorant. I have been on the hunt for a more natural deodorant option for a couple years now. Trying many brands for weeks at a time. Jason brand (whose aloe gel I love) gave me a red rash. Tom’s brand made my BO smell like skunk. Ewww. A homemade recipe involving baking soda, organic corn starch, coconut oil and essential oil worked for a while, but ultimately irritated my underarms as well. So I went back to my sensitive skin formulation of a conventional brand.


Then at a backyard barbecue the conversation somehow ended up on deodorant options (no, I don’t remember how or why this became our topic of conversation). I shared my complaints with other natural brands I had tried and a friend told me about Crystal. So the next time I was at the store I went and bought some in the roll on form.

Crystal is not an antiperspirant, but a deodorant that uses natural salts to keep your natural sweat from getting too smelly. I love it! Even though I started using it in the summer time, far and away the sweatiest time of year (and a stressful time of year for me at work to boot – stress sweat anyone?), I have yet to get home at the end of the day to overwhelming BO. I am still able to sweat – which I prefer – my body, after all, is not creating sweat for kicks and jollies but because it serves a purpose. It is great to be free to sweat and also comfortable in the knowledge that I’m not malodorous nor clogging my pores or exposing my body to probable carcinogens in conventional brands.

Crunchy Recommended.

How To Be Crunchy


I’m a hippy at heart. When I visualize my ideal self I am that ethereal, feminine girl that glow from the inside – is present, joyful, well-nourished and athletically fit too. But the reality of my life is much different. I all too often choose convenience over real food and, even though I know in the long run that working out would boost my energy, I just feel too tired to work out. I feel anxious often, rather than peaceful and present.

Join me on this journey as I learn How to Be Crunchy – how to live a holistic, nourished lifestyle. From food choices to fitness, spiritual and mental well-being, and cleaning up my daily environment at home, at work and at school.