Best Real Food Products Available Online

With working full time, taking classes part time and trying to make time for rest and relationships – shopping for groceries is something I like to get done quickly. I love the option to order pantry staples online, here are some of my favorite products of the moment….

Vanilla Ghee – Yummy! Perfect for paleo/keto desserts and sweet fat bombs. (Also available in Himalayan Sea Salt for your salty/sweet and savory needs).

Sprouted Pilli Nuts. These creamy fatty nuts are a great snack to stash when you need something on the go or to tide you over until your next full meal.

Paleo Angel Power Balls. These AIP friendly nuggets really hit the spot. I loved the lemon and vanilla flavors best, but they were all tasty. Try a sample pack to discover your own favorites!

Wild Cocoa Butter Wafers. Cocoa butter is super versatile! Use it in homemade soaps and lotions – or melt it into your tea or coffee for a rich, nutty hit of healthy fat.


What are some of your favorite online real food discoveries?