My journey towards health got off on the wrong foot when, in late elementary school, I first realized that I was bigger than a lot of the other girls and decided I should probably diet. For much of my life that journey has involved self-flagellation and hatred of my own body. (Seriously, no 9 year old should hate their thick thighs). It is only very recently that my focus became not my weight or appearance, but my overall health and well being. This blog is a way for me to track my journey towards holistic health – physical, emotional, mental – and share the journey with you. Are you on this journey too? Maybe we can share the road for a while!


Disclaimers: Affiliate links appear from time to time on this site and help to keep the content fresh! I do not link to any products that I have not personally tried and can recommend, however WordPress may include other ads which I do not curate and which should not be taken as an endorsement.

Also, though this is a health blog, I am not a doctor. I am sharing my own experience and research, as an interested lay person. If you are seeking a diagnosis or treatment the best place to do that is with the help of a licensed primary care physician whom you trust.

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