How To Make a Health Log

This is a video of how I created a DIY health log. It’s a little bit bullet journal with a dash of traditional planner, but focused on tracking my health. If you are trying to make a lifestyle change or are dealing with a chronic condition I highly recommend making a health log of your own.

The resources I used to make mine are listed below.

Avery Heavy Duty 3-ring Binder

Plum Paper 18 month planner (monthly)

Symptom Tracker –  (as I mentioned in the video, mine is a personalized version of this tracker)

Avery Pocket Dividers 

This is not a sponsored post. I pay for everything I try out of pocket so that you know my reviews are unbiased. Though some links are affiliate links for products I would recommend.

Simply AIP Supscription Box Review

Simply AIP is a new subscription box service specifically for the Autoimmune Paleo community. Though I am not full AIP yet (I am still baby stepping my way to complete elimination), I wanted to try out the box to see if it would be something that would help make the AIP lifestyle easier to adopt and more manageable to stick to for long enough to see results.

Overall, I really like the contents of the box. I think the tigernut butter was most exciting for me because it’s something I had never tried before and had heard good things about. Like most subscription boxes it comes with coupons for discounts on any of the products you really like, and it is a great way to sample products you might not have access to otherwise, or might not be willing to pay for full size. The only product in the May box that I wasn’t super jazzed about was the Epic Bar, as I mention in the unboxing video, I have tried Epic Bars before and I’m just not a fan of the meat and dried fruit combo. (I do love Epic Pork Rinds and Crackling though…).

For around $40 bucks I felt I got my money’s worth, enough to go ahead and keep my subscription for the June box. I am not sure I will continue to get it every month, but I was glad I tried it and I am looking forward to trying all the snacks! Stay tuned, because I will review all my favorites here on the blog.

Have you ever done a subscription box before? If so, what was your experience? Do you have another one you’d recommend I try next?

(This is not a sponsored post. Though I do use affiliate links for products I would recommend, I always purchase products out of my own pocket so that you know my review is unbiased)

Favorite Crunchy Health and Diet Books

The number of books on real food, paleo, keto and AIP diets have proliferated over recent years. When I first tried paleo six years ago there were only a handful of titles and a few blogs to guide my journey. Now there are hundreds! While all of these new resources are wonderful, and can be a struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff…. or whatever the grain free version of that metaphor is. So I am here to help! Some of these titles have been out for years and still hold up as some of my favorites, others are more recent publications. All of the below I have personally read and can recommend.


The Best of the Best 

These are my absolute favorite real food books, the information is presented so clearly and pursuasively. I highly recommend them to every reader seeking more information on adopting a holistic health, real food focused lifestyle.

Practical Paleo – This is my go-to book whenever anyone wants more information on paleo. With a great guide to the diet and the science behind it, recipes, meal plans and tear out shopping lists. If you are going to get only one book about the paleo diet, this should be the book.

The Paleo Approach – This book is a great guide to the autoimmune protocal (AIP) paleo diet. Written by Sarah Ballyntine, scientist and autoimmune disease sufferer who uses her science background to explain all the nitty gritty detail of how autoimmunity works and how our food choices can help manage symptoms. (Also available, the Paleo Approach Cookbook)

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook – This is a practical guide for those diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. With guidance for building your healthcare team as well as real food diet recommendations to reduce inflammation and symptoms.

The Keto Diet – This title does a great job of explaining the Keto Diet and appropriate variations, especially for women (though all audiences can benefit). Similar to The Paleo Approach, the early chapters cover the theory and practice and the latter half of the book includes recipes and meal plans.

The Holistic RX – When they say holistic in the title they mean it. This book covers not only the need for nutriet dense foods but also sleep, movement and social-emotional support necessary for a healthy life.

The Wahl’s Protocol – Based on paleo principals, Dr. Wahl’s explains how she used a nutrient dense diet based on large daily servings of vegetables to put her MS into remission. Others have used this diet along with AIP to bring great relief to neurodegenerative and autoimmune conditions. (Also available The Wahl’s Protocol Cooking for Life)

The Primal Connection – A follow up The Primal Blueprint (see below), this book takes a holistic view of health, including not just antiinflammatory real food, but also movement, sleep and other lifestyle habits that encourage overall health.

Deep Nutrition – As the title would suggest, this book is all about we need whole, nutrient dense real food for our bodies to work at their best. Not just our own bodies either, but the bodies even of our children and their children.

Whole 30 – If you haven’t heard of the Whole 30 yet you might be living under a rock. Though the program is available for free online, this book is a great way to compile all the core information in one handy reference guide. It includes the principals of the plan (basically a strict paleo diet) along with recipes. (Other titles by Melissa Hartwig are available as well, see below)

Real Food: What to Eat and Why – This book (recently re-released) was the book that first started me down the whole food path. It is the reason I use real salt and butter to this day and always try to choose the best quality meats, fruits and vegetables that I can afford. Even if you are not interested in going paleo or keto or AIP – this book has great advice on following a real food diet that is well within reach of anyone.

Some Other Great Titles

These books don’t make my Top 10, but are still great resources for recipes and further guidance, inspiration or information on particular topics.

What “crunchy” books have you enjoyed lately? Any books you love that I missed on the list? Share in the comments!

Best Real Food Products Available Online

With working full time, taking classes part time and trying to make time for rest and relationships – shopping for groceries is something I like to get done quickly. I love the option to order pantry staples online, here are some of my favorite products of the moment….

Vanilla Ghee – Yummy! Perfect for paleo/keto desserts and sweet fat bombs. (Also available in Himalayan Sea Salt for your salty/sweet and savory needs).

Sprouted Pilli Nuts. These creamy fatty nuts are a great snack to stash when you need something on the go or to tide you over until your next full meal.

Paleo Angel Power Balls. These AIP friendly nuggets really hit the spot. I loved the lemon and vanilla flavors best, but they were all tasty. Try a sample pack to discover your own favorites!

Wild Cocoa Butter Wafers. Cocoa butter is super versatile! Use it in homemade soaps and lotions – or melt it into your tea or coffee for a rich, nutty hit of healthy fat.


What are some of your favorite online real food discoveries?


Crunchy Product Review

I am a Crystal convert. No, not crystal meth – but Crystal brand deodorant. I have been on the hunt for a more natural deodorant option for a couple years now. Trying many brands for weeks at a time. Jason brand (whose aloe gel I love) gave me a red rash. Tom’s brand made my BO smell like skunk. Ewww. A homemade recipe involving baking soda, organic corn starch, coconut oil and essential oil worked for a while, but ultimately irritated my underarms as well. So I went back to my sensitive skin formulation of a conventional brand.


Then at a backyard barbecue the conversation somehow ended up on deodorant options (no, I don’t remember how or why this became our topic of conversation). I shared my complaints with other natural brands I had tried and a friend told me about Crystal. So the next time I was at the store I went and bought some in the roll on form.

Crystal is not an antiperspirant, but a deodorant that uses natural salts to keep your natural sweat from getting too smelly. I love it! Even though I started using it in the summer time, far and away the sweatiest time of year (and a stressful time of year for me at work to boot – stress sweat anyone?), I have yet to get home at the end of the day to overwhelming BO. I am still able to sweat – which I prefer – my body, after all, is not creating sweat for kicks and jollies but because it serves a purpose. It is great to be free to sweat and also comfortable in the knowledge that I’m not malodorous nor clogging my pores or exposing my body to probable carcinogens in conventional brands.

Crunchy Recommended.